Mini Ovens Multi Cookers & Microwaves

Compact Combination Ovens
The list is endless when it comes to tabletop cooking equipment. Different types of space saving electrical essentials come in the shape of mini ovens, multi cookers, microwaves, fryers, slow cookers and new water ovens to a panini press, soup maker, food steamer and stone raclette. There’s also fun popcorn makers, pizza ovens, sandwich toasters, cupcake makers and breadmakers which make ideal gifts at Christmas.

Multi Cookers, Table Top Grills & Microwave Ovens

Home Cooked Food in one Pot
Entertain your friends with a hearty dish cooked all in pot. Large capacity pots such as the Andrew James 1500 watt multi cooker can saute, braise, brown and simmer delicious home cooked food. They are made lightweight for easy manoeuvrability and have a non-stick easy to clean surface.

These multi meal makers are perfect for everyday use as well as entertaining. Cordless styles are a convenient and easy way of serving from kitchen to the table. Enjoy a variety of cooking methods including fried, stewed, grilling, baking and roasting its also great for paellas, omelettes, steaks and pizzas.

Slow cookers, crock pots and pressure cookers are great for cooking meat and vegetables whilst retaining all the nutrients. The Jamie Oliver range includes healthy ways to cook food and are designed to use less energy.

Mini Ovens Grill & Panini Maker
The Delonghi Panini oven or mini oven with grill are just two of the great space saving kitchen appliances available today. They serve a variety of purposes and come with a choice of cooking functions. You can use a conventional oven, grill and lower heating temperatures for gentle cooking.

Features also include an electronic timer and double glazed oven door for greater energy saving. Panini lovers will enjoy churning out a delicious panini with a Panini Maker/Oven. This has a special panini press along with 4 other cooking methods.

Latest Water Bath Ovens
The new compact Sousvide Water Oven offers unparalleled cooking results in taste, texture and nutritional value. The concept has been around since 1700’s but it’s only now we can enjoy gourmet quality foods with the unique water bath oven. Using vacuum-sealed food immersed in a water bath locks in flavour and retains natural juices and nutrients for a healthy and appetising meal.

Designed to keep perfect control of the temperature for the most succulent steaks, tender chicken and tastiest vegetables. This time saving device is also energy efficient using the energy equivalent of a 60 watt light-bulb.