G3 Ferrari Delizia Pizza Express

Specially Designed Electric Oven
Direct from Italy the Delizia is a new model by G3 Ferrari that brings the great taste of a pizzeria into your home. This specially designed oven is constructed with a cooking plate made of pure refractory stone the same as in wood-fuelled ovens. The authentic hot plate (Diameter 31cm) guarantees flavoursome results in minutes so all the family can enjoy their favourite mediterranean dish.

Quick and Easy to Use
Anyone with a passion for cooking will appreciate the easy to use compact mini oven that cooks a wide range of foods in next to no time. Homemade pizzas with delicious toppings are finished to perfection. For quickness you can also bake frozen supermarket thin crust types too as well as a variety of other foods including pies, chestnuts and cakes.

Non-Stick Professional Results
No fumes or unpleasant odours filling the kitchen just professional results in an instant. The very high temperature of up to 390 degrees produces restaurant style pizzas with a crispy base in only 5 minutes. Its construction allows the humidity to be absorbed from the dough and there is no sticking.

This well made domestic machine features an adjustable thermostat, 3 heat settings, indicator light with audible signal, timer, wooden trays and UK adapter plug.

Pizza Maker Oven


  • Authentic Italian Style Pizza in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Minimal Cleaning
  • Interchangeable stone and deep dish pan
  • User Manual

The Pizza Maker is a compact and easy to use mini oven featuring a traditional stone base that cooks authentic Italian style dishes in your own kitchen in 5 minutes. The pizza making machine creates intense heat that absorbs excess moisture giving you mouth-watering pizza cooked evenly with a yummy crispy base.

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The pizza maker is small enough to store on a kitchen work-surface measuring only 36 centimeters in diameter but ready to fire-up and deliver fresh pizza in minutes. This great little cooker is great for preparing pizza for children’s parties and compact enough to keep on a kitchen worktop or take on a caravan or cottage holiday as well as making a great gift or Christmas present.

Replacement accessories

  • Pizza Stone
  • Deep Dish Pan
  • Wooden Paddles
  • Pizza Cutter