George Foreman Grill with Pizza Plate

A Healthier Way of Cooking
For a quick and healthy way of cooking you can’t go wrong with a George Foreman grill. It is compact and convenient ideal for family meal times. It cooks and grills 3 times faster which is good news for the chef of the house. By grilling from both the top and bottom plates food is ready sooner and any unwanted fat and grease is channelled away from the food into the drip tray.

Buying a fat reducing grilling machine benefits the whole of the family and puts you on track to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition a healthier approach to your usual cooking methods the George Foreman grill speeds up the cooking process without compromising on taste or flavour.

Multi Purpose Grilling Machine
You can cook a wide range of foods with this multi purpose grill and pizza oven.

Features include a round pizza plate for cooking a 10 inch pizza just how you like it with a nice crispy base.

Just swap the bottom grill plate to a flat griddle plate and place your fresh or frozen pizza on it.

The even heat from above and below means the finished pizza is cooked to perfection. Other foods to enjoy cooking with your health grill include chicken, salmon steaks, paninis, omelettes, bacon, hash browns and vegetables



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Product Features

  • George Foreman Grill with Pizza Plate
  • Easy Clean Removable Grill Plates
  • Tilt Function for Runny Foods
  • 5 Portion Family Size
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Temperature Ready Indicator Light
  • Floating Hinge Adjusts to any Thickness of Food
  • 2 x Drip Trays
  • 2 X Spatulas
  • Instructions

Table Top Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens for Kitchen & Home

The table top oven is a kitchen gadget that will be used over and over again. In particular two of these are the Stonebake Pizza Oven and the Pizza Maker Oven. With both of these machines there are no fancy gimmicks or gismos, what you get is a sturdy, easy to use compact oven. The Stonebake oven is sells out quickly as this one is a popular model.

Compact Indoor Pizza Ovens

Restaurant Style Results in Minutes

You will be amazed at the results and be able to enjoy restaurant style results at any time. The great thing is you can make them as healthy as you like or not as the case may be!

You will be in total control and enjoying mouth-watering pizza in a jiffy. You don’t have to be a maestro in the kitchen to bring that authentic Italian flavour home.

Imagine coming back from a Mediterranean holiday and being able to capture the aromas, flavours and taste of dishes you enjoyed while away.

Best of all, buying a pizza oven means you no longer have to go Italy to enjoy a genuine stonebake pizza. This neat little kitchen appliance will produce the “real thing” in around 10 minutes. Italian style pizzas are a hit with kids and adults alike and make a firm favourite for entertaining at home.

Compact Ovens for Kitchen & Home

Garden barbecues and outdoor eating are nothing new so what better way to impress the family and friends with a home made pizza to enjoy outside too. The great thing about buying a pizza oven is it is ideal for everyday meals indoors as well as for outdoor eating too.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens


With the help of handy recipe books some exotic and scrumptious dishes can be produced. You can muster up everyone’s favourite dish in next to no time so you won’t be left in the kitchen cooking all day long.

The heady aroma of your stone-baked creation will drift in the air just like being in a pizzeria all you need is some salad, sunshine and of course some Italian wine to finish. Of course if your after an outdoor wood fired barbecue, wood burning pizza oven or a commercial oven then you’ll have have to spend quiet bit more.

As with most cooking appliances in the kitchen surfaces can get very hot so take care not to touch hot surfaces when in use.

Stonebake Pizza Oven

The stylish Stonebake Pizza Oven from Giles & Posner is proving to be one of the most popular gadgets in the kitchen and one which delivers a delicious 12 inch stonebaked pizza in minutes.

In addition to appetizing Pizza the stonebake oven is great for cooking a tasty Spanish omelet, traditional Mediterranean dishes or heating up foods such as pastries, pies and Quiche Lorraine.


  • Deepdish omelette pan
  • Flat Pizza Stone
  • Intense heat for crispy base
  • Viewing window to watch your pizza cook
  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • User guide with recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • Use to warm up a range of foods

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In addition to the popular Stonebake model there are a number of other mini ovens available. These include lightweight models for everyday use, outdoor pizza ovens, professional pizza equipment used in the catering trade and increasingly popular self build or built to order wood burning pizza ovens for outdoor use and barbecue days.

PizzaDome Pizza Oven by Cellardine


by Cellardine

Portable Tabletop Italian style Brick Oven

Show off your culinary skills and rustle up the best tasting pizza around with the innovative Pizza Dome.

Whether it’s used indoors or outside in the garden this revolutionary piece of cooking equipment gives you a a scrumptious oven baked taste that will have them coming back for more.

What a great way to entertain your friends! The best part is up to six people can create and bake their own style of pizza with their favourite topping.
PizzaDome features

  • True Italian brick oven taste
  • Up to 6 people create their own pizzas
  • Create calzones, numerous appetizers & desserts
  • Retains and circulates heat for even cooking,
    like an old fashioned brick oven

This portable tabletop Italian style brick oven brings the true big outdoor brick oven taste into the home. Features include a handmade natural clay dome that is designed to retain and circulate the heat for even cooking just like an old style brick oven.

Today pizzas have become a favourite food item for families specially with the endless choice of varieties in supermarkets. But when it comes to real taste and creating the perfect pizza to your own specifications you can’t beat the Pizza Dome homemade pizza.

It’s easy to use so once the toppings are on the table place your pre-cut dough on the spatula then sprinkle on. Slide in the oven and get ready to enjoy that Italian restaurant taste at home.The Pizza Dome comes with a dough cutter so you get the perfect size, six stainless steel spatulas and a detailed recipe booklet with instructions.