Pizza Makers & Ovens for Indoor Use

Pizza Maker

by Pizza at Home

Designed in Italy, the home of the best pizzas is this innovative new gadget for the kitchen. The Pizza Maker Oven is a small table top appliance that allows you to deliver professional style pizzas in minutes.

Pizzas can be made different every time and are so versatile it’s no wonder they are one of the most popular choices when it comes to eating out. Now thanks to the availability of pizza ovens, Italian style pizzas are easy to produce at home at a fraction of the price. Best of all they can be made just how you like them.

New indoor Pizza Makers & Rotating Pizza Ovens

Creating an authentic tasting pizza in your own kitchen is easy with the Pizza Maker Oven. It cooks a pizza in around 5 minutes. You can also make frittatas, omelettes, pancakes and for the not so adventurous you can just bake a ready made pizza.

It is a perfect healthy alternative to takeaway meals. You can produce great family meals and snacks making eating at home so much more fun and nutritious.

There are three levels of heat and it only takes five minutes to reach 280 degrees C. The removable stone base delivers intense heat and absorbs any moisture ensuring the pizza has a crisp base. The bottom element heats a pizza stone or deep pan pizza dish (both supplied) while the top element cooks the topping. The results are astonishing – just like a restaurant pizza.

The compact size means you can leave it out on the kitchen top for other uses other than baking pizzas. When the lid is open it can be used as a fry pan making this pizza oven a versatile addition to the kitchen.

Highlights and Features

  • Compact size ideal for table top
  • Designed in Italy
  • Measures 36cm in diameter
  • Cooks up to 12” pizzas
  • Authentic pizza in 5 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Make your own or use ready made pizzas
  • Can be used as a frying pan (with lid open)
  • Removable traditional stone base
  • Free professional cutter
  • Interchangeable deep-dish pan
  • Colour cook book

Peanut Butter Maker

For all of those who love the scrummy taste of peanut butter Giles & Posner have created the Peanut Butter Maker. This novel kitchen gadget makes delicious chunky or smooth peanut butter in a jiffy. Just add shelled nuts such as macadamia, cashew or sunflower for a flavoursome healthy peanut butter treat.