Pizza Oven Kitchen Accessories

Useful Accessories
These functional kitchen accessories will help you achieve professional results to your home cooked meal. Whether you use a conventional style or a tabletop oven to cook your pizza you’ll find using the right tools make the perfect finish. Utensils such as spatulas, pizza wheels, tongs, servers, peelers, pizza stone and cutters all have a part to play in a well run kitchen and are a cook’s best friend.

Cutters, Accessories and Utensils

Authentic Stone Sets, Plates and Trays

Heavy Duty Pizza Wheel Cutters
Make short work out of dividing your stuffed crust or tasty thin and crispy pizzas with a specially designed cutter. The wheel cutter is the most common type that rotates in a circle as you move it in the direction you’d like to cut. Heavy duty styles come with thumb guards, a protective cover for the cutting blade and non-slip handles for added safety. The sharp stainless steel wheel is easy to use and highly effective at cutting through flatbreads, pizzas etc.

Mezzaluna and Chopping Board
The other type of pizza cutter is a mezzaluna. This innovative utensil is a large curved well balanced knife made for cutting through breads and herbs. The razor sharp blade is made from stainless steel and varieties come in many different sizes to suit the job at hand. The half moon shape is designed to rock back and forth to cut the pizza or herbs.

Gift packs usually come complete with handy wooden chopping board/blocks. The single slicing action keeps all the pizza toppings in place is a quick and easy way to mince herbs and chop vegetables too.

Pizza Stone
Anyone who loves making pizza at home can create a lovely crispy finish using a pizza stone. Heating up the stone then placing your pizza on top allows for even cooking and a perfect crust with no soggy base.

Sets available include serving rack/stand, pizza wheel and stone with instructions on how to prepare the most delicious tasting meal Italian style. Suitable for everyday use the stone round base retains heat to keep everything hot while serving and can also be used to bake bread, pies, biscuits and croissants.