Portable Barbecues/Outdoor Cookers

Portable BBQs/Outdoor Grills
Extending your dining experience to the outdoors is one of summer’s great pleasures. Whatever size your garden or outside space you can find a great range of gas or charcoal barbecues, wood fired pizza ovens and grills. Depending on how many you are likely to cook for will determine the type you will need and the price will vary according to quality, extra features and size.

Portable Gas/Charcoal BBQs & Outdoor Pizza Ovens


Gas/Charcoal Combi BBQ
There are cheap bucket barbecues, BBQ starter packs, small 2 burner types and some with up to 6 burners. The Outback Gas Combination BBQ gives you the best of both having duel fuel with a gas and charcoal cooker.

Features include adjustable charcoal height, pull-out ashtray and drip tray, hinged charcoal storage compartment,electronic-ignition gas burners, flavouriser bars, hooded grill with heat indicator in hood and side work surface.

Traditional Charcoal Barbecues
If you enjoy the authentic option of cooking over charcoal you will find plenty to choose from including Kettle barbecues. This type features a lid and allows you to braise or roast food. Some models have storage features for tools, utensils and condiments.

This traditional method has heat below the grill from lumpwood charcoal or charcoal briquettes. Portable models with carry handles can be taken anywhere; beach, camping and on holiday. There are also a super slim fold flat bbq now on sale, these are lightweight, easy to clean and offer easy storage.

Gas Barbecues
A gas barbecue is another way of grilling your food outdoors. It gives you the same distinctive smokey taste and bbq flavours as food cooked on a charcoal bbq. The main difference between the two styles is gas offers instant heat at a push of a button. Food is cooked immediately making it ideal for entertaining large groups.

Cleaning is quick and simple with no ash to remove and heat is easily controlled. Models vary greatly in price with some having multiple burners for cooking a variety of foods at different temperatures. Features can include side burners, warming racks, internal thermometers, drip trays and extra worktop space.