Small Kitchen Appliances/Gift Ideas

Countertop Multi Grills & Ovens
Useful small kitchen appliances make great Christmas presents and gifts throughout the year. Innovative products for the home offer great ways to save energy and time using latest technology for perfect baking, roasting, grilling and stewing. Cook anywhere with a portable gas cooking hob and compact bbqs or churn out a delicious meal with one of the many multi functional ovens. Mini and midi kitchen cookers are designed for countertop use and can be positioned at comfortable work surface height.

Tabletop Grills Ovens & Gift Ideas For the Kitchen

Pizza Makers/Pizza Stone Serving Set
At last a kitchen gadget that will be used again and again. Create your favourite pizza anytime in the comfort of your own home with a specially designed stonebake pizza oven. Simple to use and with great recipe ideas will have you churning out scrumptious meals for all your friends and family.

Pizza lovers will appreciate using the right tools for preparing and serving their own Italian tasting meal. For crispy based pizza every time you can buy a pizza stone, stand and pizza wheel set.

All in one appliances that toast, grill and griddle will make the most of limited space. Russell Hobbs, George Foreman, Tefal and Cuisinart are just some of the brands with great snack making machines. You’ll be in toastie heaven with a delicious deep filled sealed toasted sandwich.

The 3-in-1 Panini press/grill gives you easy grilling for a tasty full English breakfast to a quick lunch time fix. Mini table top ovens with grill are also a handy for small hot snacks. These are suitable for 8” sized pizza or 4 slices of toast.

Hosting a Raclette Party with Andrew James Luxury Stone Raclette
A happy dining experience can be enjoyed with an Andrew James Luxury Stone Raclette that allows you to socialise while the meal is cooking before you. Put whatever food your guests like on the table and sit back while the raclette does the rest.

A fantastic cheese grill that comes with eight individual pans, wooden spatulas, removable oval stone grill, exciting new recipes and party suggestions. Best of all any left over ingredients from your raclette party can easily be used for pizza toppings.

Two in One BBQ & Herb Pot
Compact size bbqs like the Black & Blum Hot-Pot bbq are ideal for small patios or balconies. This clever design combines a bbq and herb garden all in one and is a great gift idea. It has a bbq grill concealed beneath a top section that can be used to grow herbs.

It looks like a terracotta pot and makes an attractive feature when not in use. Herbs grown on top can be used to season the food cooked on the grill. This unique bbq is made from stainless steel with a heat insulating ceramic coating and includes tongs.