Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Outdoor Oven

Most people who love eating outdoors probably already own a gas, electrical or charcoal barbeque but the latest must have gadget for outdoor dining is the wood fired pizza oven. Featured in the Independent food and drink section in May 2009 this “sexy new appliance” is a real hit with top chefs and celebrities alike. Jamie Oliver, Gwyneth Paltrow and Guy Ritchie all rave about their new wood fired garden stove.

Gas & Wood Burning Outdoor Ovens

Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Fresh Pizza

Very Italian pizza coming out of a wood burning pizza oven

Great Taste of Italy

These great looking ovens make a refreshing change to the traditional barbeques we are so fond of and you can cook just about anything in them. You can roast shoulders of lamb, make bread, pizzas, stews, puddings and pies. Best of all and the food tastes great and they make an attractive feature in the garden.

Outdoor Oven Taste

Despite having celebrity status these wood burning stoves will not break the bank. They can range from a few hundred pounds for a size suitable for making a 12 inch pizza to a much larger model that are nearer £3000.

These easy to operate wood burning pizza ovens will be soon readily available as demand for them increases. They are set to become a fashionable appliance especially for lovers of dining outdoors.

You’ll be entertaining in true Mediterranean style and enjoying crisp based pizzas, smoke-finished dishes and seared moisture rich meats or whatever takes your fancy.

It won’t be long before you start hearing friends talking about their new wood burning pizza oven and once that happens you know you just have to buy one. Finding where to buy a wood burning stove like the one featured in Jamie Oliver’s TV show: Jamie at Home may be tricky but smaller ones can be purchased straight from the shelf at more affordable prices.

The centuries old way of taking food to the fire holds a fascinating appeal which is probably why so many men in particular enjoy being in charge when cooking outdoors. Apart from the great tasting food a wood-fired stove makes there is the social element to it as well as these ovens make a great centre piece.

Outdoor entertaining has definitely been taken to the next level with the arrival of outdoor pizza ovens. What better way to entertain than gathering around as the smokey aroma of toasted dough and bubbling cheese greets you along with sizzling meats.

All you need to do now is serve the drinks – cheers!